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Favourite Colour

IDontHaveaFavouriteColour_HellaJongerius_Vitra_Gestalten_4Um delírio de cores, formas e materiais da Vitra nas mãos de Hella Jongerius dá desculpa para a Gestalten editar mais um livro.
Em nome próprio, da designer ou da marca, I don’t have a favourite colour.
Desorganizar para organizar outra vez o património de uma marca que, ainda assim, continua a estar a par do design contemporâneo.
(imagens: do livro I don’t have a favourite colour (2016) de Hella Jongerius para a Gestalten)
A delirium of Vitra’s colors, shapes and materials in the hands of Hella Jongerius gives excuse for Gestalten to edit another book.
In her own name the designer, or the brand, here’s “I do not have a favorite color”.
Disorganize to reorganize the heritage of a brand that still continues to be aware of the contemporary design.
(photos: of the book I do not have a favorite color (2016) by Hella Jongerius for Gestalten)IDontHaveaFavouriteColour_HellaJongerius_Vitra_Gestalten_1IDontHaveaFavouriteColour_HellaJongerius_Vitra_Gestalten_2IDontHaveaFavouriteColour_HellaJongerius_Vitra_Gestalten_3


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