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Punctuation Marks

NeilNenner_Punctuation MarksQuantos designers já tentaram reduzir o mobiliário de assento ao mínimo possível? Mínimo material e mínimo impacto visual.
Neil Nenner volta a tentar, recorrendo à utilização da linha como limite de um espaço que regula o conforto mínimo para a acção de estar sentado.
Os elementos mínimos sugerem os pontos de contacto do objecto com a escala humana e, no imediato, queremos arriscar o desconforto.
(imagem: assentos Punctuation Marks (2015) de Neil Nenner)
How many designers have attempted to reduce the seating furniture to a minimum? Minimum equipment and minimum visual impact.
It’s Neil Nenner’s turn to try, through the use of the line as the limit of a space that regulates the minimum comfort for the action of sitting.
The minimum requirements suggests the object’s points of contact with the human body and, immediately, we want to take the risk of discomfort.
(photo: Punctuation Marks (2015) seats by Neil Nenner)

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