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1323789428-mima-photo-by-jose-campos-37 MIMA-House-in-Alentejo_dezeen_784_14 MIMA-House-in-Alentejo_dezeen_784_23 MIMA-House-in-Alentejo_dezeen_784_24 Treehouse_1 Treehouse_2 Treehouse_3 Treehouse_4

Andamos fascinados com isto das casas pré-fabricadas.

Estas poriam o Jean Prouvé num chinelo (só não põem porque as casinhas do Prouvé continuam a vender bem).

E parece que os portugueses se saem bem nisto.

Vamos estar atentos.

(imagens: Mima Housing (4) e Treehouse (4))



We have been fascinated with prefabricated houses.
These would move Jean Prouvé to the side (just don’t because Prouvé’s houses continue to sell very well).
And it seems that the Portuguese are becoming expert in this field.
We will be aware.
(photos: Mima Housing (4) and Treehouse (4))


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