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Design, objects, material culture and stuff.

Hoarders or Speculators


“For the last hundred years collectors have adopted a static attitude for a number of valid economic and social reasons, until they have ceased being patrons to turn into hoarders or speculators. Very few people have the means and the courage to commission a house from Le Corbusier, Guillaume Gillet or some experimental architect, while few designers are ready to risk launching new styles of chairs, chests, doors or even door-handles on a public determined not to tamper with fashions that have been established by the traditions of the years.”

em The Strange Life of Objects: 35 Centuries of Art Collecting and Collectors de Maurice Rheims (New York Atheneum Publishers, 1961)


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This entry was posted on March 31, 2015 by in Arquitectura, Arte, Colecções, Design, Ideias de Outros, Livros.
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