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A Qualitative Significance


“Ask an unperceptive man in a room which has been decorated with taste to point out the objects in it, and in accordance with the dictionary definition, he will indicate ‘everything that his eye rests upon, and everything that impinges on his senses’ – the lamp for example, and the clock, the Chinese bowls and the carved wooden image of the Virgin. But an art lover will immediately light upon those objects which seem to him of a high quality, and confronted by the wooden Virgin, he will not merely say, ‘What a beautiful statuette’, but rather, ‘What a beautiful object’, a word which coming from him had taken on a qualitative significance.”

em The Strange Life of Objects: 35 Centuries of Art Collecting and Collectors de Maurice Rheims (New York Atheneum Publishers, 1961)


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This entry was posted on March 17, 2015 by in Arte, Colecções, Ideias de Outros, Livros.
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