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As Índias V

“(…) mansões modernas, bruscamente envelhecidas pela humidade tropical (…)”
em O Cheiro da Índia (1961) de Pier Paolo Pasolini, tradução de Miguel Serras Pereira editada em 2007 pela 90 Graus Editora

2 comments on “As Índias V

  1. Nuno Loureiro
    August 12, 2009

    i'm loving your Royal India post's…thkx for remember how amazing that place is


  2. Luis Royal
    August 12, 2009

    we are glad with that, even if you should thank to pasolini also, if you could…
    we have a few more to post. so if you're having fun, keep on visiting us.
    after pasolini we will have moravia, with his ideas of india.
    the images are from our journey. enjoy!
    thank you.
    all the best.


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